Aaron Sesker’s photojournalism aims to visually portray the atmosphere and emotional state of mind of his subject matter. His intentions are always dedicated towards accurate coverage that tells an honest story. Aaron is currently studying at the Art Institute of California ­– San Diego for his Bachelor of Science in Digital Photography and serves in the United States Army Reserves as a combat documentation and production specialist.

Aaron has been present to record the evolving political climate in the Bay Area and has captured a wide variety of social movements and events throughout northern California. Originally from Colorado, Aaron spent his early photographic years covering the festival and nightclub scene in the Mile-High City of Denver. After exploring the works of Robert King, he decided to pursue his current career path. Aaron served as a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army, often acting as an assistant to his Squadron’s public affairs officer to photograph unit level events in Texas and South Korea. Upon leaving active duty, he moved to the west coast to pursue his career.